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LED lights and LED lighting
safer and more efficient!

LED lights and LED lighting have now become globally accepted as an efficient low energy and low maintenance method of illumination. This is largely due to advances in LED light technology. LED lighting can be up to ten times more energy efficient than current incandescent lights for the same light output. They are cool in operation remaining close to room temperature so less energy is wasted as heat, which can cut down energy use even further by reducing the need for air-conditioning to counteract the heat given from incandescent lights. LEDs are more durable than other lighting sources being resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration. They can last tens of thousands of hours when used at the rated current.

The Coolstrip range of LED lighting is suitable for a wide variety of applications including architectural, low voltage, landscape, outdoor and nightclub lighting.

A wide range of low voltage LED lighting fixtures, fittings and low voltage lighting power supplies are available to allow trouble free installation of the Coolstrip range of products in many lighting projects.

What is a LED? - LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. It is a device that emits light using semiconductor material instead of a filament or neon gas. Being semiconductor based they use safe and efficient low voltage power sources or even batteries so are ideal for emergency lighting situations. The rated life span of an LED can be up to 100,000 hours,(over 11 years of continuous operation) and they are extremely durable being resistant to heat, cold, shock and vibration which all adds up to greatly reduced maintenance costs or LED Lighting systems.

The Coolstrip range of LED strip lighting products is manufactured by skilled technicians, using state of the art manufacturing techniques at our 22,000 square foot factory in Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire..As we are a manufacturer we can very often provide custom designed LED lighting solutions.

Coolstrip and SDL Lighting are divisions of Spimin Developments Ltd.

Flexible LED strip lighting showing escape route demarcation IP67 flexible LED strip lighting available in 5 bright colours Rigid LED strip lights, highly configurable in both LED spacing and LED colourRigid LED strip lighting

Coolstrip Product Range

Coolstrip Rigid LED lighting

This is a range of PCB based rigid LED strip products for applications such as cabinet lighting, display lighting and cove lighting. The strip is available with LED's every 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70mm. Coolstrip rigid is ideal for engineering into customers own products such as hand rails or display products.
Coolstrip Rigid LED Lighting Specification.


Coolstrip Flex

The Coolstrip Flex range is a sealed flexible LED strip. The product is available in 5 bright colours, and is sealed to IP 67 so that it can be used in exterior lighting applications. A range of extrusions are available so that the LED strip can be mounted in stair nosing and in ground applications for escape route demarcation or in the entertainment industry. A range of low voltage power supplies are available to drive various lengths of LED strip.

Coolstrip Flex LED Lighting Specification.


Coolstrip RGB LED Strip Lighting

Coolstrip RGB utilises a new breed of LED which features three dies in one LED, giving any combination of Red Green Blue (RGB). Drive electronics are available to provide a range of colour change sequence controls for stand alone use or for connection to DMX systems when used in Nightclub or Bar applications.

Please contact us for further information.


Coolstrip Tape

This is an innovative product allowing for easy fitting of the LED strip. The strip utilises surface mount LED's along with other components on an ultra flexible PCB, backed with very strong dual sided adhesive tape to facilitate fitting around curved surfaces. Coolstrip tape is supplied on 5 Metre reels. A range of low voltage power supplies are available to drive the product.

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PowerStrip V30 & V15

Our PowerStrip RGB (Red Green Blue) Colour change products feature Luxeon High Power LED's. There are two versions of the product. One is an 15 LED strip, measuring 500mm in length, the other being 30 LED, and 1000mm in length. PowerStrip is ideal for applications where a large amount of light is required such as wall or ceiling washing. PowerStrip is used extensively in the entertainment industry for creating spectacular displays. A wide range of drivers are available to create many different special effects and colour change sequences. They can be linked into DMX sound systems for sound to light scenes. The product can be manufactured using single colour Luxeon LED's if required.

Plus 2 PowerStrip Products

PowerStrip 1 is a single colour power LED versions for wall washing and spot lighting applications. Each unit has two mounting holes and removable terminal blocks to facilitate ease of installation.

PowerStrip 3 is available in both RGB and single colour power LED versions for wall washing and spot lighting applications. Each unit has two mounting holes and removable terminal blocks to facilitate ease of installation.

PDF PowerStrip V30/V15 Slimline
PDF PowerStrip 3
PDF PowerStrip 1


PowerLed 3 - High Power RGB or white LED Illumination uplighter/downlighter

These 50mm diameter LED modules fit standard open back MR16 fittings. Up to 12 modules can be driven from one PowerDriver 36 control unit or 3 modules from a PowerDriver 9.. The RGB version can be used with DMX or manual colour change electronics.

PDF PowerLed 3 RGB
PDF PowerLed 3 White
PDF PowerLed 3 IP67 Walkover


PowerLed 12

A range of high output LED fittings utilising our standard 12 x 1 watt LED modules. They can be used with various SDL driver electronics. Up to 3 units can be driven from one PowerDriver 36 control unit.

PDF PowerLed 12 Walkover
PDF PowerLed 12 Scorpion


FlexLED IP65

A versatile encapsulated LED strip sealed into a flexible plastic strip to prevent water ingress. Available in True White or RGB.
The True White version is very low power (3.6 W per strip) and can be used with our range of power supply units.
The RGB product can be used with our range of drivers to give Manual, Automatic, preset sequence or DMX control from a sound/light system.

PDF FlexLED IP65 True White

FlexLed SMT - Slimline Flexible LED Illumination

FlexLed SMT is a versatile flexible LED strip. The surface mount LED's are on an 8mm wide flexible PCB with an adhesive backing on the rear to allow quick and easy installation. Very low power at just 7.2 W per metre.

PDF Datasheet

Stair Marker Light

This low cost, low energy stair marker light is designed to provide a fit and forget solution for restaurant, bars, and night club venues. Being surface mount LED powered, this unit is ideal for use in busy areas or where vibration is a problem for filament lamps. Up to 70 units can be powered from one 60 VA lighting transformer.

PDF Datasheet



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